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Senior Visual Designer

Details of the offer

Company Description Traveloka is a technology company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2012 by ex-Silicon Valley engineers and aims to revolutionize human mobility with technology. Today Traveloka is expanding its reach by operating in 6 countries and experimenting with new endeavors that will create large impact in the markets and industries we touch.

Job Description

The Senior Visual Designer conveys design concepts into wireframes and high fidelity, quality prototypes that match project requirement, product objective, brand personality and brand language of Traveloka to its users. You willconductvisual audit, visual design research on competitors’ products and market trends, using data-driven insights to uncover new ways of visual delivery and provide recommendations to the relevant stakeholders. You also need to visualize new design ideas by creating sketches, build mock-ups, and design prototypes during the development phase of producing visual output.

The Senior Visual Designer is responsible for overall solution of its visual forms; including the ease of use, readability, and visual product understanding to help user complete the tasks in using the product. Therefore you need to possesstrong mastery in producing
visual output, either in the format of illustrations, low fidelity to high fidelity prototypes, storyboards, info-graphics, and/or animation/motion graphics. You can visualize concepts in their forms as intended to their stakeholders to ensure design intent is delivered.

To obtain optimal product fit and quality, You need to beable to work on multiple tasks concurrently, possibly getting involved across end-to-end project phases, and deliver on expectations within deadlines, with high level of changes and iterations required. In addition, you need to demonstrate stakeholder management skills in partnering with internal stakeholders to develop high quality creative solutions that meet overall business objectives and goals.

Key Responsibilities:

Visualizeand implement designs

- Clarify the assigned design project scope, incuding its goals, requirements, and expectations
- Interpret illustrations, computer-aided design files, and/or other modelling data based on the specified project scope
- Translate accurate visualisations from design concepts based on communicated requirements
- Execute sketch, prototypes, visualisations, and mock-ups design needed by the engineers for development
- Create visualisation of user journey using methods and tools such as userflow / storyboard / illustration
- Produce the visual designs and test specifications for new visual ideas and participating in design research
- Experiment and develop new approaches for engaging visual storytelling to communicate product concepts or ideas to stakeholders

Enhance design work

- Execute primary and secondary visual design research for data gathering if required
- Consolidate visual audit and/or visual research findings on competitors’ projects and market trends as part of report preparation to be circulated to relevant stakeholders
- Generate ideas for new visual design concepts and prototypes
- Participate in design research and workshop activities for insights gathering
- Prototype and test proposed design solutions and iterate based on the intended design specifications to ensure its readiness to be implemented for launch in its respective platform
- Communicate outcomes of design tests and project implementation
- Incorporate feedback from previous iterations of visual designs into subsequent mock-ups and future projects and design tasks
- Demonstrate care and sensibility in crafting visual design aesthetics that balance the alignment with brand guidelines while pushing the boundaries for innovative design solution
- Recognize as many constraints as possible – including potential threats, unintended risks, and problems before it arises – as anticipation to inform the continuous development and iteration of the products and its features to work within the constraints

Construct design research studies

- Ascertain research objectives are relevant to the project's goals and design scope, including the formulation of the research questions
- Identify the methodology and methods, create research tools, and define sampling strategy and research participants, based on the framing of the research objective and research question
- Understand the research context based on stakeholders' goals, requirements, and expectations, and clarify when required
- Determine logistics for and scheduling needs of design research studies
- Draft essential documents that will protect the mutual interests of research participants and company

Conduct design research studies

- Collect data on consumers, competitors and market conditions using the most appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative research methods and tools
- Conduct secondary research using appropriate methods and tools if required
- Complete the research process and monitor its relevancy and effectiveness with close cooperation with stakeholders

Analysis and abductive data synthesis towards dissemmination

- Draw conclusions from design research finding, craft actionable insights, and identify design opportunity areas
- Uncover trends and patterns based on analysis gathered to enrich insights and inspire opportunity areas
- Liaise with relevant stakeholders to dissemminate design research insights
- Facilitate and gain mutual action items to apply the research insights and opportunity areas into actionable design ideas

Facilitate and drive user-centricity application during product innovation cycle with stakeholders

- Initiate, organise, and execute multidisciplinary and cross-functional workshops, sprints, or meetings that consider the holistic aspects of user desirability, business viability, and technological feasibility for products and features across the business domains
- Assist product teams in framing business problems using a design perspective in considering users' latent needs
- Provide technical guidance to various stakeholders for the implementation of human-centric design solutions if required


Minimum qualifications

- Between 5–7 years overall work experience as a hands-on Designer in the industry (education background could range from Visual Communication Design, Interaction Design, Product Design, Service Design, or any other relevant Digital Design disciplines; or Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science, or other related field, with equivalent practical design experience).
- Portfolio that showcases visual design craft (and its application of visual communication design principles) with some level of understanding of the Human Centered Design methodology (along with its methods and tools), willingness to learn and iterate, and passionate about design and storytelling.
- Experience working with web or mobile based technologies using design and prototyping tools (such as Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud, Balsamiq, Zeplin, ProtoPie, Miro, etc.)
- Fluency in English communications (both verbal and written).
- A deep sense of accountability, adaptability, and embracing ambiguity working collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

Preferred qualifications

- An evidence of performing in a multidisciplinary design, business, and tech team is a plus.
- Some understanding of the eCommerce and/or digital travel and lifestyle industries, extra points for having successfully deliver products in/for the SE Asia and/or regional markets.
- The ability to form consensus across a broad, fast-moving organization through excellent communication and interpersonal skills (including: negotiation, constructive feedback, presentation, managing expectations, resolve conflicts).
- Experience working with web or mobile based technologies (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android Studio, XCode, etc.) and Design System.
- Effective design sensibilities as they relate to applying a brand to digital experiences.

If this sounds like you, let us know you exist! With you as a Senior VisualDesigner, we will turn product concepts into beautiful, meaningful designs. You’ll guide users through the product interfaces across all platforms and enhance their Traveloka experience.

Additional Information

Traveloka Design team is tasked with the role of humanising technology – the one who has the most relevant expertise in understanding human values and life experiences – using systematic approaches such as the Human Centred Design methodology in delighting users and customers through Traveloka product offerings.
Comprises of people from the Design, Architecture, Social Sciences, and Computer Science background, we value collaboration and empathy when it comes to producing innovative solutions.

Read about our design journey here:

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