Project Supervisor

Project Supervisor

Yayasan Bambu Lestari

Project Supervisor

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Position Information
Job Title : Project Supervisor
Duration of Contract : Full Time
Direct Supervisor : Bali Project Officer
Superior Supervisor : Program Manager

Yayasan Bambu Lingkungan Lestari (YBL) currently requires staff who are energetic and have integrity for the Project Supervisor position to be part of The 1.000 Bamboo Villages program in Indonesia in line with the organization’s mission and vision. The goal of this department is to ensure all daily activities related to the financial YBL programs run smoothly in accordance with the organization’s rules and regulations.
Brief information about the 1000 Bamboo Villages, currently the world emits up to 40 Billion tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere every year. Our vision is to take 1000 Bamboo Villages here in Indonesia and expand that to 9 other countries that collectively with absorb and remove out of the atmosphere 1 Billion tons of Carbon Dioxide every single year. Tropical Rainforests are important to us as humans because they are the foundation to Earths life support systems and in those life support systems you have more than half of the plants and animals on the planet and we need to understand that without these healthy soils without these healthy water systems without the healthy air we cannot survive and thrive on this planet.
The Environmental Bamboo foundation is not only trying to stop these forests disappearing but we are trying to restore the degraded lands that were the forests of the past. With the 1000 bamboo villages, we aiming to want to create what we call a Restoration Economy where people, especially rural farming communities can actively restore these degraded lands around the world and make a very good economy for themselves their families and their communities in the process
The 1000 Bamboo Villages allows farmer cooperatives to produce value-added bamboo products, at the village level, by creating an integrated forest to the factory production system.
Our 1000 Bamboo program is a holistic system where we take degraded land reintroduce native species and set aside areas for food crops and cash crops within this larger agroforestry reality.
One of the key benefits of our agroforestry system is that we create knitted hydrology of short medium and deep roots. To create a sponge that holds water in the soil and helps these forestry systems to thrive. The global Bamboo market is currently projected to reach 93 Billion US dollars by 2025. We aim to restore 2 million hectares of degraded land. Generate an industry revenue of 6-9 Billion US dollars per annum and create more than 1 million jobs in the process. The Bamboo Village program allows farmers to produce two main bamboo products. Bamboo strips and Bamboo pallets, strips are the raw material for Bamboo planks that can supply woodworking industries of the world. Bamboo pallets are a Byproduct of the strip production and are an excellent source of Carbon neutral Bioenergy that can generate electricity and provide a safe fuel for cooking
Globally the main Bamboo markets are for the food industry, for the construction industry, for the textile industry and most interestingly is to take the wastes from a lot of these industries and press it into a little pellet that can become renewable energy of the future.
Cover letter and CV accompanied by recent photos sent by email to ********** stating the name and position of the applicant in the email subject no later than 20 April 2020
Only applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted for the recruitment process.

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