Programming Fundamental Instructor

Programming Fundamental Instructor

Pt. Indocyber Global Technology

Programming Fundamental Instructor

Details of the offer

Job Description:
1. Train junior candidates to code in Java, C#, SQL Server, in best practices convention.

2. Create candidate’s handout and assignment.
Minimum Qualifications:
We are looking for a full-time programming instructor to train fresh-graduate students for

fundamental programming language and database management system.

Skills and competencies required:

1. Have a strong knowledge in Object Oriented Programming concept. (Have experience in working with

OOP based programming language such as; Java or C# or C++ or Phyton or Ruby, etc.

2. Able to write basic query language, to write some views, functions and store procedures. (Have

experience in working with SQL based Database Management System such as; MySQL or Maria

DB or PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle DB, etc.

3. Basic understanding of how web application works, such as how http request and responds works, the

relation and details between client-side and server-side layer.


1. Has 1 year minimum experience as full-time developer. (in any technology paltform)

2. Male or female between 24 – 31 years old.

3. Will be able to train candidates in office environment or in university environment.

4. Will be able to research and learn new skills such as; new programming language, new library, new

framework, or new database management system.

5. Confidence, doesn’t have anxiety problem such as stage fright.

6. Has a good communication especially in oral communication.

Source: Kalibrr


  • IT - Information Technology / Database Manager



  • C #
  • Basic
  • C ++
  • Java
  • SQL
  • HTTP
  • MySQL
  • C #