Finance & Accounting Manager

Finance & Accounting Manager


Finance & Accounting Manager

Details of the offer

Internal Collaboration (20%) - Train and manage finance team and capabilities.

Student Admission and Admin (20%)

- Admission processes and criteria improvements with Director.
- Call-for-Applications including planning and execution of online program applications, admissions, infosessions, and applications review.

Finance & Accounting (60%)

- Review current business practice on regular basis and communicate to Tax Counsel should there is any potential tax risk might occurred in the future
- Evaluate impact of any tax update and communicate to the relevant department.
- Provide directions and ensure that company is operating in compliance with local tax regulation.
- Ensure all accounting records related to tax are timely, accurate, complete and reliable, as required by local tax regulation.
- Ensuring that internal controls as per company policies are being followed.
- Create and review annualy: Cash Flow, P&L, B/S, Financial Statements, Corporate income Tax and Deferred Tax Calculation.
- Create quarterly: Journal Entries, TB submission, B/S Flux analysis, Retro PO report, Income Tax and Deferred Tax reporting, and Tax reconciliation, Tax Package & Uncertain Tax Potion calculation.
- Leading corporate client through step by step financial and billing process and ensuring billing has been set up properly.

Data Science Education Center

Algoritma is founded with the purpose of making data science accessible to everybody. We organise data science workshop for individuals and corporate, we adopt a learn-by-building approach suited to beginners and non-programmers.
What is it like working at Algoritma?

STARK Values at Algoritma:

1. Stay Proactive & Positive: We entrust people with huge responsibilities and allow for a high degree of autonomy and creative freedom.
- Our employees take initiative
- Our managers believe in empowerment
- Our project directors take ownership of their results.

2. Trust & Loyalty: We may not be able to control everything, but we can influence certain things.
- Our employees are trustworthy and loyal
- Our manager do not take unethical shortcuts and think of long term impact of their decisions

3. Accountability. Accountability is about follow through and getting done what you said you’d get done. It’s recognizing that other team members are dependent on the results of your work. It’s about open, proactive communication to keep team members informed of the status of your commitments because it has a direct impact on their ability to
achieve their own commitments.
- Our employees take the responsibility to complete the tasks assigned.
- Our employees perform the duties required by the job further the goals of the
- Our employees recognize that
procrastinating feedback only makes things
worse, thus makes accountability it a habit

4. Relentless & focused: We demonstrate outstanding focus and work ethics, productivity, and a sense of urgency in our work.
- Our employees are reliable in their commitment
- Our managers set challenging but attainable goals

5. Kindness: We treat others how we would want to be treated. We respect other people’s opinion despite disagreement. We do not shame others for voicing their concern or opinion, we embrace openness and kindness. We believe that people who are compassionate are easier to work with and are more successful as they receive more opportunities. You can’t fake a culture of kindness.
- Our employees get things done without stepping on others.
- Our employees don't use fear tactics or shaming.


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