Accounting Officer

Accounting Officer

Vasham | Japfa Group



Accounting Officer

Details of the offer

- Managing Accounting Process and Policy in Head Office & Region Office
- Managing Accounting Report and Control
- Managing Cash Flow availability
- Managing Tax Compliance
- Managing External Report and Audit

Japfa group is a leading, pan-Asian, industrial agri-food company dedicated to feeding emerging Asia with essential proteins. Headquartered in Singapore; we employ over 32,000 people across an integrated network of modern farming, processing and distribution facilities in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India and Myanmar. We specialize in producing quality dairy, protein staples (poultry, beef, swine & aquaculture) and packaged food that nourish millions of people.

Vasham is a Japfa's trading arm that is changing the way we think about agribusiness. We are building financial and operational solutions the industry players use every day. Whether it’s bridging access to the financial market, providing education on best practices, or fair-price trading, Vasham is becoming part of every value chain.

We’re making agribusiness safer, smarter, and more financially connected. And we’re doing it at a national scale; energizing local economies and bringing opportunities.

Vasham’s positive impact is tangible in the communities we operate in and that drives us to keep moving forward.

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  • Auditor - Accounting - Finances / Tax Accountant



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